Optimize veneer quality with accurate visual analyzers

Visual Analyzers for Veneer Patching

Maximize your face veneer recovery. Accurate detection of patchable defects enables patching your veneer sheets to a higher grade.

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Visual Analyzers for Veneer Patching

High quality ensures the best price for the patched veneer

Visual analyzers for veneer patching have accurate defect detection and grading settings that can easily be adjusted to match your needs. With these features, you will avoid over patching and use up to 10 % fewer patches than with manual patching. The intelligent visual analysis also enables you to adjust the process to meet your production demands regarding face veneer grading and patching.

With the help of machine vision, you can produce high-quality veneer consistently and minimize labor costs compared to manual patching. The latest grading technology guarantees that your veneer meets all quality standards. Consistent veneer quality ensures the best value and price for your end products.

Our R7-series visual analyzer is the solution for the most demanding patching needs:

  • Put automation and machine vision in full use with R7-Series and master your productivity with high speed. 

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Complete mills

Raute is the only company in the world that can provide the entire end-to-end production process of veneer, plywood and LVL from blocks to product. Any combination of material, machinery and magnitude can be accommodated to fit your needs and form your complete mill.

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