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Log Cutting Line R7

The most agile pendulum saw solution for log cutting.

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The fully automated and agile log cutting line

The Raute Log Cutting Line R7 is the most sophisticated and agile log cutting solution on the market. The pendulum saw makes cutting the various sized logs into desired size blocks possible, so this is the only cutting solution you need. It even comes with a block debarking which gives you the 2-in-1 solution to your veneer production process. This Log cutting line R7 is the one you want on your woodyard.

The Raute’s Nordic design Log Cutting Line R7 is constructed with solid, high-quality parts and assured with years of knowledge and experience. The fully automated line gives you the maximum capacity of 10 logs with a maximum diameter of 800 mm per minute. For this line, it doesn’t matter how long and thick logs are fed to the line, this handles them all. 

With Raute Log Cutting R7 you always know what you get.

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