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Log Grading Line R7

The optimal grading result in all kinds of blocks.

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Log Grading Line R7 gives you a head-start for high-quality veneer production

With Raute Log Grading Line R7 you get to sort the incoming logs to different grades by their length, diameter, and curviness. This gives you the best grading result for the following process. For instance, soaking time is adjusted according to log diameter for efficiency and good quality. 

This ensures maximum efficiency and maximum value in relation to the amount of raw material. And finally, each product, veneer, will be made with the right raw material.

At the grading station, the various sized and shaped logs are being sorted into different classes so they can be machined optimally according to their physical measurements. The grading and selection improve all of the following steps by using just the right amount of energy and choosing the right methods.

The Log Grading Line R7 detects and discards the reject logs that are not suitable for veneer production. The line detects metal, cracks, and otherwise unsuitable logs out of the process. From the log grading station, the logs move to the storage or straight to be machined.

The maximum efficiency grading line handles the continuous log flow from forests to the mill site so the trucks don’t have to wait and they get going once the load has arrived and dropped off at the log handling station. This ensures that your woodyard doesn’t get crowded and the material flow is optimal regardless of the traffic.

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