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LVL lay-up and pressing

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Good quality graded veneer sheets are the base for good quality LVL

The first steps of the LVL production process start from the lay-up. At this stage, the LVL gets its load-bearing structure, and the pressing line finalizes the product.

On the LVL lay-up line the structurally graded veneers in correct order are scarfed and glued, and after the final quality check laid-up in a continuous manner. Under the supervision of one operator, an endless lay-up is formed and immediately prepressed to secure flawless gluing of veneers. Billets of desired lengths are then cut and transferred to the hot press, where heat and pressure secure waterproof glue bonds.

The veneer sheet goes through a scarfing saw where a joint is cut, and it ensures the correct and secure jointing of consecutive veneers. This increases the durability of the end product. With continuous lay-up, you can produce up to 75 mm thick and up to 24 meters of LVL material according to your needs. With this technology and hot pressing, the measurements stay unchangeable, and you can produce high-quality LVL with high recovery.

Raute, with over 40 years of experience, offers the highest quality and the most sophisticated R7 Series and the new R5 Series LVL lay-up and pressing machinery. The solutions add value to your production with modern and intelligent technology, sustainability, and energy efficiency.

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