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Panel Repairing Line R5

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Panel Repairing Line R5 - Go automated to get the highest quality solid wood panels

The Panel Repairing Line R5 is Raute’s newest addition to the panel repairing product family. The fully automated line replaces the need for manual panel repair and requires only one supervising operator to oversee the process.  

The Panel Repairing Line R5 works continuously without breaks achieving the maximum capacity for panel repairing. Its advanced visual analyzers enable the optimum repair material metering minimizing waste using 50% less repair material. With this line, you can use any type of industrial repair material.  

With the automated Panel Repairing Line R5, you get to reduce manpower yet increase the panel repair quality and efficiency. The line can handle and repair up to 250 panel faces per hour from both sides with seven defects on average.  

The Raute Panel Repairing Line R5 is designed to handle and repair solid wood panels but is capable of repairing any wood panels from any wood type needed.  

Go automated in solid wood panel repairing

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Key benefits

Only one operator needed

-50% less repairing material

Up to 250 panel faces repaired per hour

Automatic repairing for both panel faces

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