Uncompromised repairing capacity

Panel Repairing Line R7

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Panel Repairing Line R7 - Uncompromised repairing capacity for most demanding needs

Raute Panel Repairing Line R7 is the uncompromised panel repairing solution for the most demanding needs. This line has a superior capacity and it can handle trimmed or untrimmed panels. Capacity is achieved through the combination of technology and the most modern analyzers on the market.

Repair technology allows the panel flow to be continuous, even 24/7, and the panels are repaired on the move. Multiple repair heads enable the usage of different repair materials and repair tools even on the same panel.

65% repair material saving is achieved by analyzing each panel surface carefully. Each panel is scanned and the repair of the defects found is optimized so that no over or underfilling takes place.

Panel Repairing Line R7 is automatically controlled and monitored all the time and your production data is available in the industry's leading data capturing tool, MillSIGHTS.

Uncompromised quality and capacity with R7-Series

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Key benefits

High capacity is achieved by repairing the panels in the uniform repairing area

Uses 65% less repairing materials than traditional repairing methods

One operator needed to control the machine which saves time and costs

Efficiency achieved in turning around panels so both sides are fixed


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