Reduce glue consumption significantly with one-sided gluing

Plywood lay-up

Save up to 25% in glue consumption with Raute Plywood Lay-up solutions - produce plywood that’s more environmentally and end-user friendly.

Plywood lay-up with optimized glue consumption

In lay-up, face veneers, long core veneers and cross core veneers are combined into plywood, and fed to the lay-up table in the correct order for each cross-ply construction. Glue is spread evenly between every layer to make the sheets stay together. 

With 50 deliveries of plywood lay-up lines, Raute is the number one provider of one-sided gluing solutions in the world. Raute Plywood Lay-up solutions bring up to 25% savings in glue consumption compared to traditional roller gluing. The machines are automatically washed regularly for a better work environment and lower maintenance need, and the wash water is re-used in mixing glue. The reduction in chemical use makes the process and end-product more environmentally and end-user friendly. 

The right fit for your needs depends on your capacity expectations and desired number of operators. Fast changing of glue spreading systems from Liquid Extruder Gluing (LEG) to Curtain Coating (CC) brings flexibility to your production, making the use of different glue mixtures possible. Even gluing quality brings savings in hot pressing through less waste. 

Start your production or add capacity easily with our R3-Series. When you want a proven, widely-known workhorse of the industry, the R5-Series is your solution. Put automation and machine vision in full use with our flexible R7-Series and master your productivity with high speed and maximum capacity.

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