Plywood pressing lines for even and smooth plywood

Plywood pressing

Pre-pressing and hot pressing lines for producing strong, high-quality plywood with a smooth surface for different end uses.

Pre-pressing and hot pressing lines for high-quality plywood

In pressing the plywood panel reaches its final mechanical strength. First, the lay-up stack is pre-pressed at room temperature to give plywood panels enough strength for automatic handling during hot pressing. The panels are then pressed between hot press platens where final curing of the glue takes place.

The right fit for your needs depends on your capacity expectations and desired number of operators. With fully automated Raute Plywood Pressing Lines, one operator can take care of the whole line: the pre-pressed plywood stack is fed automatically between the hot platens, and automatically discharged for stacking. Hot pressing is optimized to ensure sheets are pressed for an optimal time with optimal pressure and temperature for maximum plywood quality.

When you want a proven, widely-known workhorse of the industry, the R5-Series is your solution. Put automation and machine vision in full use with our flexible R7-Series - master your productivity with high speed and maximum capacity, and get insight into your production with MillSIGHTS data capturing and reporting system.

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