Maximize total veneer volume by composing

Veneer composing

Increase mill-scale veneer recovery - composing with intelligent defect detection and clipping.

Composing gives more core, green, and face

As wood raw material is the most expensive part of production costs, even small pieces of veneer should be used to improve recovery. This is possible through proper composing that includes intelligent defect detection and clipping. Full size veneers produced in composing also increase drying efficiency.

Raute has the world’s most comprehensive composer range for core, green and face veneer. Our joints are the strongest ones in the world, making the veneer sheets certified for fully automatic processing during lay-up.

Compose randoms for plywood production instead of chipping to pulp or energy. These veneer sheets are perfect as core sheets and are glued both with glue strings and hot melt glue spots.

Our green veneer composers utilize a unique glue tape unmatched in quality and strength, keeping the joints intact during veneer drying.

Increase production of face quality veneer by composing even small, 200 mm wide strips into full size veneer sheets. Invisible seams are created with butt joints also approved for use in LNG plywood.

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