Successful veneer drying with intelligent production

Veneer drying

Industrial veneer drying means optimized water removal to a suitable level. Do it efficiently with Raute’s intelligent solution

The smart veneer drying solutions for every scale production

Veneer drying is one of the most crucial phases of veneer production. The main objective of the drying process is to produce high-quality optimally dried veneer sheets with the highest possible efficiency. This is carried out by removing water from the sheet and decreasing moisture content to an optimized level by using hot and humid air inside a dryer.  

By choosing industrial veneer drying, you improve veneer quality with uniform drying result. As a result, you get high-quality, even moisture content veneer sheets that are ready to be glued and processed further as LVL beams, plywood, panels, or other end- use products.

The successful veneer drying has many positive impacts on your production and veneer quality. With optimized veneer drying conditions, equipment, and process, you produce more high-quality veneer with less energyraw materialand waste.  

The most sophisticated drying solutions include grading. You can grade the dried veneer sheets to different veneer types for plywood or LVL production. 

Raute offers three different veneer drying line series called R3, R5, and R7 from which the latter is the most automated line ever created to the veneer production industryOur drying line solutions R5 and R7 always include the veneer sheet grading after the drying line. 

Start your production or add capacity easily with our R3-Series. When you want capacity that can be upgraded effortlessly and a line that allows modernization through process-specific updates, R5-Series is your solution. Put automation and machine vision in full use with R7-Series and master your productivity with high speed. 

Looking for a complete mill

Complete mills Raute is the only company in the world that can provide the entire end-to-end production process of veneer, plywood and LVL from blocks to product. Any combination of material, machinery and magnitude can be accommodated to fit your needs and form your complete mill. Read more