Standard foundation for industrial veneer drying

Veneer Drying Line R3

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Veneer Drying Line R3
Veneer Drying Line R3

Veneer Drying Line R3 – The easy to install and operate standard

The Veneer Drying Line R3 is your choice when you are starting the industrial veneer drying and you don’t need high automation. The line is capable to handle hardwood and softwood when producing veneer sheets.  It is easily installed just on a flat floor on rails giving significant savings since no special foundations are needed.

Industrial veneer drying means 80% less operators for the job yet more efficient production. The dryer handles full-sized veneer sheets giving 15% more yield compared to natural drying processes. The line’s capacity is 16 veneer sheets per minute with a short drying time. The Veneer Drying Line R3 dries the sheets always to the optimal 5-8% moisture level.   

Standard grayscale veneer visual and moisture analyzers can be installed on the line.  

Also, the R3 series dryer has 6 decks giving an advantage of needing 30% less floor space than a traditional 4-deck dryer. Its completely insulated shell not only saves in heating energy but gives even drying from the top to bottom decks.

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Key benefits

Optimal drying saves 20% in energy

Save 30% in floor area compared to traditional 4-deck dryer

Save 80% in labor compared to natural veneer drying

Drying full-size sheets improves recovery by 15%


Veneer Drying Line R3 machines

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