Upgrade veneer quality and maximize recovery

Veneer patching

Produce top grade veneer and get most of any wood with industrial patching

Maximize face veneer recovery by patching with solid wood

Repairing veneer by patching holes and knots is one of the most cost effective ways to improve value of end product in terms of more valuable plywood grades.

There is an increasing demand for face veneer in the production of thinner panels and a decreasing amount of large-diameter logs available. Patching is regarded as a practical solution to quickly increase the amount of face veneer from smaller-diameter logs for the correct raw material balance in the plywood structure.

Patches  come in various forms: butterfly, oval, and boat being the most common ones. Out of these the butterlfy patch that comes in many sizes, is the most efficient one. It does not pop up and bears double the load compared to the other types, and saves up to 25% in patching material. It is the easiest way to eliminate broken veneers.

The patching technology includes at least one patching level with one or two patching heads, depending on the veneer sizes. The patching heads are permanently installed in fixed positions on the patching frame whereas the veneers are moved and positioned under the heads. 

A line may comprise 1- 4 patching levels and a by-pass conveyor which gives an additional grading feature with uniform patching rules from the line camera recipe. With the latest intelligent camera technology the patching decisions and grading rules can easily be controlled in accordance with the most common grading standards. And you never over patch, nor under patch!

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