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Veneer Patcher R3

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Veneer Patcher R3 small in size, big in capacity and quality

Raute Veneer Patcher R3 has the most advanced technology on the market for patching knots and holes in veneer. Patching veneer with this patcher is significantly faster, more efficient, and safer than patching manually. 

Using butterfly-type patches extremely high patch retention is achieved, without the need for manual repairing or gluing. With the integrated thermo-bond taping loose composed joints and veneer edge splits can easily be fixed adding more recovery. 

The ease of use of the Veneer Patcher R3 extends to the whole life-cycle of the machine.  It is compact in size needing very little floor space. Being a plug-and-play machine it is fast to install.  It comes with the ability to repair even large defects.  It is usable for both short and long-grain veneer.  It is simple and easy to operate with just one operator. Maintenance, which is almost non-existent, is made easy due to the high-quality die that lasts up to 50 million individual patches. 

This small, compact, high-class, plug and play patching machine is your optimal solution when starting industrial patching for the first time or for adding capacity to existing production. 

Improve your patching with R3-Series

To learn more about how to improve your patching with the R3 series veneer patcher, talk to our experts.

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Key benefits

starting industrial patching saves up to 80% in labor cost

just plug and play for fast start up of production

optimal solution for variating veneer sizes

lifespan 50 million patches/die

easy to use due to automatic adjustments


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