Panel Bending Tester - Offline

Works as the perfect tool for panel quality control for beding testing, panel stiffness measuring and panel strength measuring

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Panel Bending Tester - Offline

Automated bending testing ensures accurate data

Our Panel Bending Tester - Offline (formerly known as Metriguard 830) uses the ASTM D3043 (Method C) test method to measure the stiffness (EI) and strength of structural panels accurately in both parallel and perpendicular orientations. It measures panel deflection using a digital encoder, so there is no need for micrometers or other manual measurements. The test sequence is automated, and the resulting data is recorded and stored automatically. In addition, the Panel Bending Tester includes network connectivity for easy access to test data and records. Testers also record the density of the panel and average panel thickness. It defines the ultimate load at Failure (MOR).

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