Heavy duty veneer clipping optimizer

Veneer Visual Analyzer R5 - Peeling

Accurate veneer visual analyzer for clipping optimization​.

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Veneer Visual Analyzer R5 - Peeling

Ensure high veneer quality and recovery with accurate visual clipping control

Veneer Visual Analyzer R5 - Peeling (previously known as VCA) offers an industry standard visual clipping optimization system. Accurate defect detection of open and dark defects combined with advanced control software makes sure that clipping is controlled optimally to achieve maximum recovery. The system has different clipping strategy settings available for various production needs. The defect and clipping parameters are visually presented in the user interface and easily adjusted through the touch screen. Developed over many years and based on hundreds of deliveries, this system is a solid and rugged solution for any peeling line.

Veneer Visual Analyzer R5 – Peeling can be installed on the peeling line of any manufacturer.

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Key benefits

Increase veneer recovery

Increase production efficiency

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