Improve total veneer recovery with intelligent composing

Core Veneer Composing

Utilize randoms from veneer production to improve total recovery - compose small veneer pieces to core sheets instead of discarding them for pulp or energy.

Intelligent core veneer composing makes the most of randoms

Compose randoms to core sheets for plywood production, instead of chipping them to pulp or energy. Joint small veneer pieces together in cross-grain direction to create wider veneer sheets and use these composed sheets inside the plywood panel as core sheets.​

Raute core veneer composers glue both with glue strings and hot melt glue spots making sure no overlapping occurs in the veneer mat. As a result, the veneer sheets become strong both crosswise and lengthwise.

Raute analyzers allow minor defects to remain in the sheet, maximizing recovery with negative clipping and minimizing clipping trash. Our composing lines are excellent at spotting and clipping out minor rots inside wood that would go undetected by normal scanners.

Core Veneer Composing Line R5 improves recovery of core veneer with accurate scanning and clipping of wood defects. Core Veneer Composing Line R7 maximizes core veneer recovery and helps you make the most of randoms.

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