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Dryer infeed feeders

Dryer infeed feeders – efficient infeed maximizes the drying capacity

Dryer infeed has a role to play in securing a successful drying process. Doing dryer infeed automatically instead of manually increases not only capacity but minimizes the need for labor. 

Adjustable feeder speed ensures the veneers are fed with the correct phase for maximal filling ratio and capacity. Infeed rollers align the veneer sheets for the dryer to ensure even drying quality.

When also random sheets can be utilized, better recovery is achieved for the whole production. Feeding random veneers into the dryer is more challenging than feeding full sheets. Usually, random veneers are fed into the dryer from separate stacks. With the random veneer feeder, veneer stacks can contain both full sheets and random sheets, and stacks can still be fed to the dryer automatically.

To maximize the dryer capacity, it is also possible to feed overlapping sheets to improve the dryer filling ratio. As veneer sheets dry fastest from the ends, with overlapping it is also possible to limit the ends from drying too fast and cracking. Thus, with overlapping, we can also improve the veneer quality.

All Raute Dryer Infeed Feeders are equipped with versatile adjustments and adjustable over-lapping possibility and user interface (HMI). In addition, our R7-Series dryer infeed has an option for random veneer feeding and a solution for a thin veneer. Raute dryer infeed feeders come in all series (R3, R5, R7).

Raute dryer infeed solutions are available for new or existing Raute drying lines as modernizations and also for other manufacturers’ drying lines.

Efficient drying with Raute dryer infeeders

To learn more about optimizing your veneer drying capacity with Raute dryer infeeders, talk to our experts.

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Dryer infeed feeders

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