Compose wet veneer sheets before drying

Green Veneer Composing

Unique Raute Thermobond glue thread provides unmatched quality and strength for wet veneer composing - drying composed veneers is no longer a problem.

Unmatched joint quality and strength in wet veneer composing

In green veneer composing wet veneer sheets are combined together after peeling, taping the joints in cross-grain direction with glue tape before drying. Handling full sheets instead of randoms increases drying process efficiency up to 5%. When integrated to the peeling line, green veneer composing maximizes the utilization of raw material and improves overall recovery. 

Automated analyzers minimize the need to manually sort veneer randoms by size into stacks, automatically sorting and returning quality veneer to composing. Our automated wet veneer composers’ production cost competes with any veneer composing method.

Raute green veneer composers utilize a unique Thermobond glue tape unmatched in quality and strength by any other, keeping the joints intact during veneer drying. Because of the strong tape joint, green composed veneer can also be utilized in scarf-jointing. The tape is available for any brand composer.

Green Veneer Composing Line R7 automates random utilization and maximizes the recovery of quality veneer.

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