The most accurate moisture analyzer on the market

Veneer Moisture Analyzer R7 - Drying

The most accurate dry veneer moisture analyzer in the market. Utilizing non-contact microwave measurement through the veneer sheet.

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Get the full benefits of accurate moisture analysis

Veneer Moisture Analyzer R7 (formerly known as Mecano MVA) utilizes microwave technology to measure moisture through the veneer sheet, not just on the surface of the sheet. The measurement accuracy of the analyzer enables allowing higher moisture contents for the dried veneer sheets because the need for margins is minimized. This improves dryer capacity and veneer quality without causing risks for panel blow outs at the hot press.

As basic features, Veneer Moisture Analyzer R7 defines both peak and average moisture of the sheet. Furthermore, it offers advanced features for moisture analysis which allow you to define different moisture content for different areas of the sheet. This enables higher average moisture content for the dried veneer to improve veneer quality and drying capacity.

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Key benefits

Improve drying capacity

Minimize over drying

Produce higher-quality veneer

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