Visual and moisture analysis in one intelligent system

Veneer Visual and Moisture Analyzer R7 - Drying

Analyzer duo that provides the most accurate visual and moisture grading result and many optimization features to increase the drying capacity and improve the dry veneer quality.

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Accurate grading by visual and moisture characteristics

Veneer Visual and Moisture Analyzer R7 (formerly known as Mecano VDA+MVA) sorts veneer sheets into different grades according to their visual characteristics and moisture content. Moisture analysis is based on highly accurate microwave technology that measures moisture content through the veneer. The analyzer defines peak and average moisture and creates a moisture map for each sheet. It also allows you to define different moisture content for different areas of the sheet. Accurate moisture analysis leads to increased drying capacity and improved veneer quality.

Veneer Visual and Moisture Analyzer R7 offers different detection technologies to match your needs. You can select the imaging method of the three available models: color, micro, or surface. This analyzer is also equipped with advanced optimization possibilities to boost your production. Patching and composing optimization features analyze the most efficient way to utilize the sheets in the following process phases.

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Key benefits

Reduce the reject ratio in the following process phases

Improve production efficiency

Improve drying capacity

Minimize over drying

Maximize veneer quality


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