Mecano advantages

Mecano analyzers revolutionize the veneer production by improving the overall effectivity of the entire mill. Data collected by the analyzers makes the most of material usage and decreases process waste leading to increased yield. The analyzers exceed by far the defect detection and grading accuracy possible to the human eye. Instead of inconsistent manual labor with high expenses, Mecano provides stable quality in all conditions. Step up your game with the help of Mecano and enjoy the benefits.


SAVE RESOURCES by boosting up material usage, improving capacity and reducing labor costs.


INTEGRATED ANALYSIS produces wide-ranged data for mill wide quality control.


MORE THAN 20 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE of LVL and veneer production analyzers.


WORLDWIDE SUPPORT and huge amount of references all over the world.


MORE THAN 50 SPECIES SUPPORTED from traditional softwood to decorative hardwood plywood products.


RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT is always working to fulfill our customers' needs while working closely with the industry and academia worldwide.


PROVEN PAYBACK from considerable number of reference cases.


SUITABLE FOR ALL LINES providing solutions on all environments.