Mecano products

Mecano offers products for all applications and line types from peeling to panel applications in the veneer, plywood and LVL industry. Mecano products include individual systems and line solutions. Products can be situated in different line solutions with line specific features. Line solution may consist of several Mecano systems on the same production line. These analyzers can be integrated to generate combined data. All analyzers support veneer sizes from 4 to 10ft.



VDA and VCO scan the veneer with a camera, analyze the scanned camera data and identify the defects and geometric features of the veneer. Based on the defects and the grading rules set in the system, visual analyzers sort the veneer into different product categories. VCO has an additional task delivering clipping instructions according to the scanning data. 3D add-on for VDA panel repairing line detects even smallest splits.  


MVA and DMA detect moisture of desired parts of the veneer. Moisture mapping displays moisture levels at different parts of the veneer. Mecano moisture analyzers can operate as stand-alone systems or integrated to a visual analyzer. Analyzers can also be connected to stacking control and moisture marking.


MVA provides analysis combination and provides strength measurement.