Guoxu ceremony marked the new automation era in China‘s plywood industry

China's plywood industry has officially entered the automation era as the first automatic plywood production line in China started running. There was also a ceremony happening on January 8th 2021, with more than 300 people invited to the mill to celebrate this historic moment.

At Raute, we are so glad that we could join the event and witness the birth of China's first fully automatic and intelligent plywood production line as a major machinery supplier. We achieved this milestone through everyone's great effort. Congratulations to Sengong Group and Guoxu Spring Woodbased Panel Co., Ltd!

Raute has delivered modern, high technology veneer production lines with high-quality analyzers to Guoxu Spring Woodbased Panel Co., Ltd in South China. Globally, China is a major veneer producer, and these solutions enable more professional production and reach the standard levels demanded for export.