Hot demand for Raute Plywood Lay-up Line R3 in 2022

Two months into 2022, Raute has already sold two units of Plywood Lay-up Line R3 to a customer in Java, Indonesia, and another unit to New Zealand. The delivery of the equipment will take place in Q4 of 2022.

“With the rising glue cost around the world, producers are now looking to minimize glue consumption for better profits in their plywood business. Raute has developed the perfect solution to tackle this specific issue with the Plywood Lay-up Line R3. The One Side Gluing technology used in this efficient line ensures optimum glue and labor savings, resulting in fast payback time. We have already booked three orders for the Plywood Lay-up Line R3 two months into the year, and many more in the pipeline with customers all around Asia.” Says Mr. Shawn Cheo, President of Raute Singapore.

Watch this demo video to find out more about the Plywood Lay-up Line R3.