Koskisen, Finland to increase raw material utilization with new Raute Veneer Peeling Line R3

Koskisen, Järvelä, Finland has decided to invest in a new Raute Veneer Peeling Line R3. The spindleless R3-Series peeling line will be used for peeling the cores after the existing peeling lines all the way down to 30 mm core diameter.

With the investment, Koskisen is looking for increasing their Plywood mill raw material utilization and to optimize veneer production overall productivity. With the Raute MillSIGHTS data gathering system, the line will be integrated into Koskisen’ digital management platform. The new line is fully electric and will run unmanned.

“As the new line is fully automated, it is expected to be very cost-efficient. Due to its energy efficiency, the line has also a low carbon footprint”, says Koskisen Project Manager Kimmo Ahonen.

For Koskisen, Raute veneer peeling technology is already well-known as they have five veneer peeling lines delivered by Raute. The new line will be delivered in Järvelä in August 2023.

This is the first Raute R3-Series technology sales to Finland.

3D image of Raute Veneer Peeling Line R3