Raute experts have carried out the second phase of machinery audit at Vyatka Plywood Mill

Starting from December Raute experts have been busy auditing the production machinery at Vyatka Plywood Mill (Segezha Group, part of Sistema PJSFC).   

The audit has been carried out under the Contract between Vyatka Plywood Mill and LLC Raute Service. The service project shall last three years with every employee being engaged in the process.

The first phase of the audit, aimed at assessing the competence of the staff and effectiveness of the training process, took place in 2020. A full report on it has been made. Shortcomings within the maintenance and repair system of the Vyatka Plywood Mill, based on cumulative specific costs of maintenance and repair per 1m3 of output, have been eliminated. During the second phase Raute focused on monitoring the overall efficiency of machinery and its downtimes.  

Following the results of the audit both Raute and Vyatka Plywood Mill plan on developing a strategy for maintenance and repairs and will implement RCM (Reliability-centered maintenance) methods for planning the maintenance and repairs on production systems 

RCM – is a process, which allows the systems to run according to the user’s requirements considering current production needs, which in its turn requires as little maintenance as possible which also greatly enhances the labor safety.   

RCM allows for running the machinery without it breaking down all of a sudden or without any downtimes

says the service director of Raute, Miika Siekkinen.  

Miika also noted that a set of technological operations and other maintenance procedures, will be developed based on the audit that had been carried out in October/November 2020. As a result of this a three-year roadmap containing all operations and procedures for achieving the target maintenance levels will be made.