Raute launched new R5-Series LVL technology

Raute has launched the new R5-Series technology for LVL production. Like our state-of-the-art R7-Series LVL technology, R5-Series consists of Lay-up and pressing line and Billet handling line. R5-Series uses the same well-proven technology that our R7-Series has, but it is designed for lower capacity needs, fixed veneer size, and requirements for the smaller floor area. Due to optimized capacity and features, we have been able to reduce the needed floor area by 40%.  

With standardized technology solutions, we can offer faster delivery and commissioning and a lower price tag. Standardized solutions also shorten the ramp-up time and allow you to earn money faster. 

With the R5-Series, you can produce the most common LVL products in the market, beams, and posts. It is specially designed for customers who want to use some of their existing veneer capacity for producing LVL, and new players who want to jump into LVL business with low investment costs. 

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