The impacts of the Russian military actions on Raute's business operations in Russia

Raute has several large projects in progress to Russia. As reported earlier, Raute’s entire order book at the beginning of 2022 totaled EUR 158 million and the order intake for 2021 was EUR 203 million. Of the new orders received in 2021, EUR 79 million (39%) came from Russia.

The execution of deliveries in the order book are regulated by the local laws in both countries, contractual commitments between Raute and the customers and in this situation, too, by various sanctions which have an impact on the logistics, financing and payment transactions of the deliveries. Raute will analyze the prerequisite and obligations of each project execution and will adjust its operations according to the situation. Due to the prevailing uncertainty, we have decided not to make any new agreements with the Russian operators.

Raute has approximately 40 employees in Russia. In addition, we have some Russian and Russian-background employees in various tasks in Finland. Raute will take care of the health, well-being and working conditions of its personnel everywhere.

Tapani Kiiski
President and CEO

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