VMG Group starts LVL production in Lithuania

This will be the first LVL factory in Lithuania. It is of the most advanced Raute R7 Series technology. 

In all activities, VMG Group is united by the mission to lead the way to sustainable home and vision of innovative and the most effective environment-friendly solutions. Innovative technologies, efficient use of raw materials and a driven team that creates company leadership helps to ensure sustainable business development and assurance of customer needs. 

Wood building is booming in Europe and we want to be on top of this sustainable future direction. LVL is dimensionally accurate, stable, and stiff load-bearing component which allows quick installation time, less disturbance, and less waste to dispose of on construction sites.

- Mindaugas Kozinecas, Production Development Director at VMG Group. 

The complete mill delivery includes all lines and machines for veneer and LVL manufacturing, intelligent data collection system, MillSIGHTS, and machine vision analyzers for production optimization. The latest veneer drying technology as well as veneer peeling technology are part of the delivery. Ensuring optimized material flow and high productivity, Raute provided consultation and factory lay-out plans from the early stages of the project.  

The plan is to run the factory 24/7, preventive maintenance plays a significant role thus original spare part package to be delivered ensures maximized uptime.  

We at VMG Group have a long history with Raute. In addition, Raute has an undeniable experience and reference base in LVL technology. One big influence was also the fact that they can deliver the complete mill.

- Mindaugas Kozinecas, Production Development Director at VMG Group. 

The mill is planned to be operational in Q3/2022.