Operating environment

Main factors affecting demand

Raute's customer industries are largely dependent on the cycles of the world economy and construction and transport industries. Investment activity in invest commodities is generally greatest towards the end of the economic cycle.

Main factors affecting the demand for Raute's solutions

  • Customers' need to improve production efficiency and end-product quality.
  • New companies are enticed to the industry typically by unused to harvesting height grown forest resources for which they are looking for a profitable use.
  • Technology development.
  • Outsourcing of technology services.

Global trends create opportunities for Raute

The challenges posed by sustainable development and other global trends create new requirements for the wood products industry, and business opportunities for Raute.

  • Use of renewable wood as raw material on the rise.
  • Higher environmental awareness and tightening regulations.
  • More cost-efficient manufacturing methods necessary to face tightening competition
  • Technological development and digitalization renew the industry.
  • Emerging markets to play a greater role.