Products and services

Project deliveries

  • Complete production plants, production lines and individual machines and equipment
  • Automation, machine vision applications and measuring technology

Technology services

  • Maintenance and spare parts services
  • Modernizations
  • Consulting and business development

Solutions for all customer needs

Raute's technologies cover the customer's entire production process from raw material handling through to end-product finishing and packing. Log handling, peeling, veneer handling, lay-up, pressing and panel handling processes can be individually developed, modernized and replaced with new. Raute's solutions for different kind of customer needs are:

  • RautePro – industrial production process with reliable and proven technology
  • RauteSelect – wide range of adjustability and flexibility in the production
  • RauteSmart – smartest and latest in technology

Life-cycle cooperation

Raute offers customers services throughout the entire life cycle of the investment, ranging from raw material and market surveys through to production line maintenance and modernization. Demand for technology services is steadier than that of project deliveries, and technology services thus even out fluctuations in Raute's project deliveries.