Environmental impacts of Raute's own operations are relatively small. Raute's own production facilities do not have energy production or processes which would consume large amounts of water. Environmental viewpoints are mostly related to waste management of the production facilities and safe handling of chemicals, such as oils, paints and solvents. Raute follows up and seeks to improve efficiency of energy and water use at its production plants and offices. Raute follows local environmental legislation and regulation at its operation countries.

Raute's main production facility at Nastola has certified ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environment) management systems. Environment and quality issues are handled with standardized processes. Other Raute production units follow similar quality- and environmental principles in their operations.

Environmental efficiency of Raute operations is measured for example by tracking energy efficiency and amount of waste produced per revenue generated. In Finland Raute is part of energy efficiency agreement of the Confederation of Finnish Industries.