Raute in the value chain

Raute is a part of the wood-processing value chain

Raute adds value to its customers' business by supplying solutions for the profitable and environmentally sustainable production of wood products.

Raute is a part of the wood-processing value chain by providing the wood products industry with production processes and production machinery required by the processes for manufacturing veneer, plywood and LVL as well as services required for maintaining and further developing them.

The wood products industry uses Raute's production machinery to process wood into veneer, plywood, LVL and sawn timber, which are used mainly in construction and furniture as well as in the transport vehicle and packaging industries.

Wood products industry covers companies from large consolidated forest groups to small private family businesses. New players are enticed to the industry by to harvesting height grown forest resources. Internationalization and integration are only at the beginning in the wood products industry. Wood products industry will grow, especially the emerging markets will play a greater role in the future. Demand for wood products is driven by general increasing standard of living, construction regulations, availability and price of wood as well as economic cycles.

Economic cycles make the greatest difference

Besides the general economic situation, the demand for wood products and the profitability of the companies in the field are driven by the cyclical fluctuations in construction and the demand for investment commodities. Other factors that influence demand are the increasing standard of living, construction regulations and the availability and price of wood. Wood products are ecological and the use of wood, a renewable raw material, is increasing.