Expert Talks

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Keynote - Mr Peichen Gong

Veneer, the new cocoa?

KEYNOTE - Mr Jussi Silventoinen

Future of the veneer business

Jari Myyryläinen, Vice President EMEA, Raute Corporation

Introduction to modern veneer procution

Mikko Vesterinen, Technology Manager, Green Veneer, Raute Corporation

Modern veneer peeling technologies

Antti Komulainen, Specialist, Data Analytics, Raute Corporation

Data-driven veneer procduction

Harri Lyytinen, Sales Manager, Analyzers, Raute Corporation

Maximize profitability of veneer production with grading

Jarkko Kaislaoja, Technology Manager, Dry Veneer, Raute Corporation

Energy-efficient veneer production

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Expert Talks presentations are all about making your veneer, plywood, and LVL business better. Industry professionals will take you through various topics with the same end goal – to make your business more profitable and everyday life smoother.

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