Plywood Production

Guangxi Guoxu Spring Woodbased Panel Co., Ltd.

China, Baise City

Raute has delivered modern, high technology veneer production lines with high-quality analyzers to Guoxu Spring Woodbased Panel Co., Ltd in South China.

Guoxu Spring Woodbased Panel Co., Ltd uses Eucalyptus wood as its raw material to produce veneer for various applications of its customers in this brand-new factory. Raute delivered four Plywood Lay-up Line R3s, two Veneer Patcher R3s, and one Veneer Drying Line R3 to the new production site. The veneer drying line is completed with four Veneer Visual and Moisture Analyzer R5s. The total capacity of this design enables the annual production of 100,000 m3 of 9-25 mm plywood, especially for floor manufacturing material and high-end furniture.

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