LVL Production

Metsä Group, Punkaharju Mill

Finland, Punkaharju

Metsä Group enjoys a well-established partnership with Raute.

Metsä Wood's Punkaharju mill produces Kerto LVL products and plywood. The production capacity of Punkaharju’s Kerto LVL mill is 180 000 m3 a year. The production of laminated veneer lumber started in 2001, and today the mill employs 200 people.

Kerto® LVL is structural laminated veneer lumber used in all construction projects, from new buildings to renovation and repair. Kerto LVL combines excellent technical performance with ease of use. Its essential qualities include strength and rigidity, dimensional stability, and lightweight.

 "Raute has a long history in the wood industry and a strong reputation in the LVL business. We have a well-established partnership with Raute, following other lines that Raute has successfully delivered to Metsä", Eero Lampola, Project Director Kerto®, Metsä Wood.