Veneer Production, Plywood Production

Richmond Plywood

Canada, Richmond

Over two decades, partnership between Richmond Plywood and Raute has optimized production through integrated Raute's machinery.

Richmond Plywood (Richply) is one of the largest plywood producers in North America. It specializes in producing plywood, including 40% of specialty products for the concrete markets around the world.

Throughout more than 20 years of creating value together, Richply has seamlessly integrated Raute’s machinery into various stages of the production process, including Veneer Peeling, Veneer Drying, Veneer Patching, Veneer Composing, Veneer Analyzers, and Plywood Pre-Pressing.

Dan Doyle, General Manager at Richmond Plywood Corporation Limited, has conveyed his contentment with Raute's products and services. "The equipment of Raute is state of the art. We want something that is repeatable every day and Raute has been able to deliver that. And if we want to change, they're open to supporting us that way. You know, we get a promise that their people are coming and they do show up. I think Raute is, goes an extra mile for us".

One example of fruitful cooperation has been modernizing Raute's first-generation veneer patching line to meet the increasing demands for quality and efficiency. After the modernization, Veneer Patching Line R7 doubled the patching capacity and optimized the production line to stay competitive. 

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The Veneer Patching Line R7 doubles patching capacity and reduces labor requirements.


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