LVL Production

Stora Enso Oyj, Varkaus Mill

Finland, Varkaus

Stora Enso’s LVL mill in Varkaus, Finland, needed to increase production capacity.

For this purpose, their solution was Raute’s Veneer Visual, Moisture and Strength Analyzer R7 for the peeling line. This product is one of Raute’s latest combination analyzers and is designed to help veneer, plywood, or LVL manufacturers optimize their production process and save money.

The reasons that led Stora Enso to this investment are familiar to many in the wood industry. The price of the wood raw material has increased, and the quality of the raw material varies a lot. For these reasons, Stora Enso wanted to optimize the raw material utilization and increase the quality of their final products.

Stora Enso’s goal is to maximize raw material utilization. Positive change was seen immediately after the installation of the analyzer, and the investment fulfilled Storas Enso’s expectations. With that said, they think they haven’t yet seen the full potential of their new analyzer, so reaching for their goal continues.

Stora Enso is a Finnish-Swedish forestry company that develops and produces wood and biomass solutions for various industries and applications worldwide. Their LVL mill in Varkaus has been operated since 2016. Raute delivered the first machinery there in 2015. The mill produces 80 to 90 000 cubic meters of LVL products each year for use in the global construction industry.

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