Veneer Production, Plywood Production

Tolko Industries

Canada, Kamloops

Tolko Industries increases veneer production reliability and recovery with Analyzers and Green Veneer Composing Line R7 from Raute.

Tolko Heffley Creek division produces G1 and G2 grade veneers with an annual capacity of 28 million square feet (3/8” basis). A wide variety of plywood products is also produced in Heffley creek with an annual capacity of 180 million square feet (3/8” basis).

 “We chose Raute because Raute has a history with Tolko based on reliability, knowledge, and professionalism. And Raute was the best fit for us knowing that we would have the support we needed to ensure that this project, and the products that we use, work how we need them to work”, Gaileen Galuska, Green end Superintendent, Tolko Industries.

The new-generation Green Veneer Composing Line R7 tapes together green random veneers to make half or full veneer sheets.

The camera analyzer maximizes green veneer recovery and the strong taped veneer joints don’t break during the drying process

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