Responsibility is one of the values that guide Raute's operations. Raute aims to offer all of the company's employees a safe work environment and strives to systematically develop its products and services to be environmentally sound while also reducing the environmental impacts of its own operations. The Group abides by the principles of good corporate citizenship, taking into consideration nature and its protection, and how society as a whole operates, while respecting local cultures and valuing diversity.

United Nations have established 17 sustainable development goals for year 2030. Raute seeks to support the achievement of the goals in its own operations. Raute has good possibilities to advance especially the goals related to climate change and sustainable industrialization and innovation by enabling construction of sustainable industries which utilize renewable raw materials.

Responsibility indicators 2019

Group LTIF improved clearly from the previous year to 13.6 (2018: 23.7)
Raute Finland LTIF was 7.8 (2018: 24.6)
Energy consumption per work hour decreased by 3% -> 6.8 kWh / work hour
Amount of waste per revenue in Finland increased to 3.7 tonnes per MEUR (2018: 3.0)