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Please note, that whenever you notice something of interest or you have a question – just enter your e-mail address and your question on the form below and our experts will answer you soon.
Your nearest service and sales location

Please find the nearest Raute contact from our global sales and service network here.

Quotation request

For a quotation for a product or service, please send an email with a short description of your request to and let us get in touch with you.

Spare parts and maintenance

We offer over 4 000 spare parts online. To find the spare parts you are looking for go to eStore. If you need maintenance, please contact your nearest office or send an e-mail directly to

Our business areas

We offer profitable solutions for plywood and veneer, LVL and decorative veneer industries worldwide. Please visit products and services to learn more. We support those industries with global service network. To learn more about our technology services go to here.

Accurate quality control has an essential role for our customers. The latest tools we offer in this area are the accurate Mecano machine vision and moisture analyzing applications. More information about Raute's Mecano solutions available  here.

How can we help you?
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