Mecano solutions

Mecano analyzers provide solutions for overall process control maximizing the yield. The earlier stage raw material is analyzed properly and its target defined, the greater the saving potential is. Rejecting dried sheets, not to mention pressed panels, is expensive. Mecano systems start analyzing the veneer only a few seconds after it is born on the lathe. Production simulation reveals full potential of the raw material before the following processes. Let's find out your savings potential with Mecano systems.



Our customers

"With hardwood, Mecano's intelligent camera technology was a clear reason for choosing Raute as the supplier of our veneer composing line" Juha Rautiainen, Production Development Manager of  MW, Suolahti. January 2016

"The aim of the two modernizations was to improve recovery – this was achieved even better than what was expected"  Eero Lampola, Punkaharju's Kerto (LVL) Mill Manager. January 2016

"Veneer grading process starting from peeling and ending to plywood is a complex process and made up of many factors. We would be more than happy to  get even more in-depth discussion with our production people and you again. Our goal is to jointly agree Mecano solutions purchasing strategy for at least 5 years ahead."  Timo Lintusaari, Purchasing manager of Koskisen Oy. February 2016

"Mecano's ability and willingness to commit to a very tight schedule, in addition to excellent camera accuracy, were important factors in choosing Mecano". All 18 veneer analyzers were installed within 18 months with the mills in production – not during summer downtime. "The installations were done sequentially, so it was vital to stay on schedule."  Mika Kekki, VP of UPM Plywood. May 2016

"We have used Mecano vision since 1998 and have never had any problems with it." Mill Director Benoit Thebault, THEBAULT Groupe. January 2016