Plywood & veneer technology

Raute supplies a complete range of machinery, systems and technology for the production of plywood and veneer including log handling, peeling, drying, veneer handling, plywood layup and pressing, panel handling and automation and control.

Raute also works closely with a global network of manufacturing partners in order to provide the best available quality and service to our customers. In many cases, machinery is assembled and tested in our factories prior to being shipped, including complete peeling lines. Installation is carried out by qualified personnel under the supervision of experienced Raute field installation staff.

Mills are supplied to utilize all wood species, most common being mills for temperate zone broadleaves such as birch and poplar and softwoods such as pine and spruce. Optimized solutions exist also for tropical zone heavy hardwoods and plantation woods. Typical mill sizes vary from small 20,000 m3/year hardwood mills to big 500,000 m3/a pine plywood mills.

Raute offers appropriate technology levels, RautePro, RauteSelect and RauteSmart, each of which is based on the highest quality machinery and equipment. The variable is the automation level, flexilibity and capacity required to satisfy the customers' needs.