Raute Canada - Special Edition

At the Forefront of Raute Canada – Welcome to our Workshop!

Only a stone's throw from downtown Vancouver in Canada, locates Raute North America's Delta unit along with its production workshop. The past year has been filled with work and enthusiasm due to the recent climb in the North American economy. "At this moment, we are probably the busiest we have ever been in four or five years. The market in the United States is heated up, so the production at the mills has gone up too. Our customers are busy, so we are busy. They are investing money and modernizing their equipment, which is good for us" explains Neil Black, Production Manager at Raute North America. Since 2012, Raute North America's revenue has increased by more than 60%.

In Delta, the mornings start off at sunrise when the workshop employees arrive for their morning shift at 6.30 am. The work is flexibly organized into two shifts in accordance with ongoing projects - The morning shift runs until 3 pm, after which the evening shift begins. Occasionally there may be weekend shifts or night shifts, also known as graveyard shifts in North America. Latest projects at Delta have included a sheet selector and a dryer stacker for Marion Plywood and Richmond Plywood. "The largest projects usually take couple of months to engineer and then three to four months to manufacture" describes Black. Besides wood-based equipment, Raute Canada also provides complimentary project work under the title 'Service and Repair'. It includes a mixture of different trades and manufacturing services for local industries, such as for a cement plant, coal terminal, aerospace fixtures and waste rendering. "It's a really good type of project for our engineering and manufacturing team, which allows us to use our expertise in a larger spectrum" Black adds.

All the workers at Delta are certified 'Red Seal' Journeyman or Apprentices, indicating that the tradesmen are qualified to a standard of knowledge and competency defined by the industry. "Most of the experienced Journeyman were once Apprentices at Raute themselves, learning their trade profession and getting their education with the support of Raute" explains Black. Over dozen of Raute Canada's Shop Journeymen are long term employees, with over twenty years of experience at Raute. "There is an exciting mixture of experience and youth - employees who have twenty, thirty or forty years of experience working together with our crop of youthful apprentice employees" adds Black.

The production activity at Delta has increased remarkably over the past couple of years and the outlook looks good. As an indication of this, the number of workshop personnel has gone up from twenty-two to thirty-two workers. "We look for people who want to improve, who think forward and who have a sense of leadership" Black describes. To a question of whether there are any extracurricular activities that the employees enjoy doing together, Black answers with laughter: "There is a variety of different off-work activities that we do together. We have our annual golf tournament every summer along with a baseball outing and a summer BBQ. Those definitely are a big deal for us and it's a lot of fun. It gets everyone from the different departments together" Black concludes.