As your Life Time Service Partner, Raute provides a wide range of services supporting you to achieve a successful business.


Knowledge is the key to success. Raute experts help you establish an overall view and make precise decisions to further develop your business. Our consultation services include line and mill-scale analyses, operational model audits and studies ranging from raw material studies to global market analysis. 


We offer a wide range of comprehensive training covering the entire plywood production process. With our training service,  you are able to further enhance the professionalism of the production line operators, maintenance personnel, foremen and supervisors, enabling them to take full advantage of the lines’ properties in terms of reliability, quality and volume.

Site services

With Site services, you will have our maintenance specialists working long term at your mill, from six months to years. We perform all the daily maintenance activities at customer mill. Among other things, we provide maintenance management support to help you achieve a higher level of maintenance operations.