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MillSIGHTS is a revolutionary Management Information System that gives you comprehensive data from the essential elements of your veneer, plywood, and LVL production.

Gain comprehensive data from essential elements of the production

Raute MillSIGHTS is a revolutionary data collection, management information system (MIS) for wood processing industries, specially designed for veneer, plywood, and LVL production. MillSIGHTS software collects comprehensive data from the essential elements in the production. 

Intelligent software improve production quality and accuracy. With data-driven production you produce higher-quality veneer sheets, panels, and LVL, use less raw material and energy, and in the end, make more profit.  

The optimal process control values for production can be learned through data collected by MillSIGHTS. The data hub is an essential part of Raute’s new R7 and R5-series line deliveries, but it can also be implemented to any brand existing production lines that have relatively modern line controls.   

MillSIGHTS is designed for you 

The system gathers data from various production phases, so you have as much information available as possible. This provides a real insight into conditions within the process and the production environment. The dynamic reporting enables you to have all reports at your fingertips readily. Dynamic filtering lets you filter the data to the report to match the point-of-view you are interested in. And what’s more, the key personnel receive notifications in real-time if a production line is running inefficiently. 

Top benefits of modern data capturing with MillSIGHTS 

Due to the data-knowledge generated by MillSIGHTS, you can optimize your production, and maintenance predictively. Before seeing the software in action, you need to know the production specifications to determine what needs to be done to achieve optimal goals. Continuous production development and optimizations need to be carried out to achieve the benefits

One operational benefit MillSIGHTS gives is up to 10% saving in time for not needing to search and collect data manually.  

The data needs to be followed constantly to know how the processes are working and how the changes affect to validated KPI’s and efficiency. 


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Key benefits

Save 5% in energy costs by production optimization

Increase profit by 5% through utilizing freed production capacity

Save up to 10 % time on searching and collecting production data

Increase overall production capacity by 10%

Increase amount of top quality veneer by 15%


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Raute is the only company in the world that can provide the entire end-to-end production process of veneer, plywood and LVL from blocks to product. Any combination of material, machinery and magnitude can be accommodated to fit your needs and form your complete mill.

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