Making wood matter

Our sustainability agenda

We want to lead the industry towards a more sustainable future in engineered wood products. 

Sustainability drives our strategy 

Our purpose is to be the partner to future-proof the wood industry.  With our unique solutions, we drive change and promote resource-efficient society. Our solutions help customers to optimize the value of wood, regardless of their location.  

Raute takes an active role in addressing the sustainability challenges faced by manufacturers, suppliers, and other stakeholders in the engineered wood products industry. We aim to maximize resource efficiency with intelligent solutions that make the most of needed resources at all times. 

Our key topics in environmental and social responsibility and ESG governance.

Our sustainability agenda is formed of six fundamental ESG themes guiding our activities and shared value creation. We have set targets and KPIs for all ESG themes and are now aligning those with the upcoming CSRD requirements.  

Environmental responsibility

We innovate advanced products and services for resource efficiency, and drive climate action 

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Social responsibility

We advocate health and safety without exceptions, and attract and develop diverse talent 

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ESG Governance

We foster ESG throughout the value chain, and seek sustainable growth by engaging and creating value to our stakeholders 

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Code of Conduct

Raute Code of Conduct summarizes our requirements and expectations concerning responsible and ethical operations. It provides clear guidance on Raute’s expectations and requirements for our personnel, partners, and stakeholders to uphold our integrity and ensure responsible behavior.  

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Whistleblowing channel

Ethical business practices are the bed rock of sustainability as it covers areas such as safety, environment, information security, supplier requirements, anti-corruption, competition compliance, equal treatment and diversity.  We encourage our stakeholder and personnel to report any possible misconduct and violation they may observe in their work through our easy-to-use whistleblowing channel. This can be done also anonymously. 

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Sustainable Development Goals

We acknowledge the significant impact that the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have both on our business and the wider world. For our business, we have identified the most relevant SDGs, which we will take into account and promote in our operations. These priority SDGs are linked to our key ESG topics.