Circular wood economy

Reusing wood materials while maintaining the raw materials’ value

Circular economy aims to keep products in use for as long as possible. In the end of the lifecycle, wood materials are reused efficiently while maintaining the raw materials’ value.  

Our customers manufacture long-lasting wood-based panel products: veneer, plywood and LVL. The products are used mainly in construction and furniture-making as well as in transport vehicle and packaging industries. The use of different wooden structures and components is growing dramatically especially in construction. At the same time, new solutions based on engineered wood products are arriving to the market.

Renewability, recyclability and eco-friendliness are sustainable trends that increase the demand and use of wood products worldwide. After the original lifecycle of wood products, they can be reused, recycled or used as raw material in energy production. In the future, an increasing proportion of wood products will be recycled. 

Raute promotes sustainable forestry practices among its customers. We add value to the production of wood-products with resource-efficient technologies that maximize yield and improve the end-product quality. We believe in a smarter wood economy, where plywood and LVL replace many materials with a negative environmental impact caused by harmful glue types.

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