Resource-efficiency hand in hand with predictability

Data and digitalization drive resource-efficient production of engineered wood products, and enable better decisions faster.

More from less

At Raute, this is summarized by getting more from less with every solution we offer. We use data and digitalization to enable flexible, predictable and energy-efficient businesses for our customers.  

Data collection systems are embedded in all our solutions - from durable and upgradeable machines, and optimized energy and raw material use to automated and safe production management and predictive maintenance. 

Resource-efficiency is deep-rooted at Raute. It starts with utilizing less wood by maximizing yield and minimizing waste of every log. In wood processing, visuality, strength and moisture of veneer, air quality and temperature, and energy and glue usage are continuously monitored and measured. This data and AI are then used in production optimization, enabling more flexibility and better energy and resource efficiency. Digitalization also improves production planning and management, peer-to-peer learning, and services response times. We want to show the way in resource-efficiency and enable better decision-making. 

Analyzers – at the core of resource-efficient production

Did you know that the maximum accuracy of a human eye has been analyzed to be 70 % and the visual analyzer accuracy is at least 95 %. That is one of the reasons why Raute’s machine vision pioneers resource-efficiency. 

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Traceability and trackability

Digitalization releases meaningful and accountable information on product composition, raw material origin, recycled content, and carbon footprint. For business development, this enables two key functions – traceability and trackability of engineered wood products. Traceability creates value, reduces risk, and ensures compliance by tracing a product or raw material’s history, while trackability is the primary method of guaranteeing product quality, safety and that it meets industry standards and certifications. Good traceability is also a prerequisite for strategic and operational risk management in the wood processing industry.  

Transparency from forest to new life 

We at Raute are the partner to future proof the wood industry, with data and digital tools. In collaboration with our suppliers and customers, we uphold sustainability standards in the wood industry. In practice, we can help tracing a piece of veneer back to the batch of raw material with detailed specifications, for example in case of quality deviations. Our solutions are compliant with the standards of engineered wood products used in furniture, packaging, building construction, logistics, and more. The future of trackable and traceable use of wood across the value chain is bright – and achievable. 

MillSIGHTS for intelligent production management

MillSIGHTS is all about efficiency, productivity and quality. It is the only management information system (MIS) available on the market that is specially designed for veneer, plywood, and LVL production, and applicable for different production environments and wood species. MillSIGHTS also shortens response time in alarm situations. 

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Mill Audit increases production efficiency

Mill Audits are made to keep you on track at every point of production. They provide valuable business data and knowledge to improve raw material usage, workforce efficiency and automation, and local production conditions. 

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