This is how we reduce your footprint

Resource-efficient technologies

Did you know that our oldest machines have been in use for decades. Designing and manufacturing durable and high-quality machines is one of the key pillars in sustainable production. Another pillar is intelligence that equips us to make smart decisions. We support our customers across their mill’s lifetime, from investment consultation to mill audits, modernizations and knowhow development.

Our digital services, such as predictive maintenance and 24/7 online automation support, help our customers get the most out of their production. Our MillSIGHTS solution collects production data and reports deviations in real time, improving both productivity and product quality.

Panel Repair Station R5

One of our top performers, saving up to 20% in repair material and enabling more flexible material flow. Not to mention significantly reduced work hours, fast installation and minimum use of floor space.

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Automated lay-up with one-sided gluing

We are the first company in the world to have developed a technology that reduces the amount of glue in plywood production. This automation decreases the consumption of glue by even 15–20% compared to traditional glue technologies.

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3D printing

3D printing offers an alternative for existing manufacturing methods. Raute is a founding member of FAME (Finnish Additive Manufacturing Ecosystem), aiming to reach 5% of the global 3D printing market volume by 2030.

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Raute analyzers

Analyzers are key to intelligent production where different processes are optimized simultaneously and crosswise. Captured data enables a more efficient use of veneer.

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